Are You Dealing With Elbow Arthritis?

Wondering if your elbow pain and stiffness might be arthritis? 

While arthritis most often attacks the joints within the wrists and hands, arthritis also has the ability to attack and damage elbow joints. While osteoarthritis and injuries to the elbow can also lead to arthritis in the elbow joint, the most common cause is rheumatoid arthritis. Our Taylor, MI, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alexander Martusiewicz can help you if you experience symptoms of elbow arthritis.

So, how do you know if you are dealing with elbow arthritis? 

Arthritis is a progressive condition, which means that it develops gradually. So, you may not immediately realize that the pain and stiffness you are experiencing in your elbow is the result of arthritis. The most common symptoms and signs of elbow arthritis include,

  • Pain that may first appear on the outer joint of the elbow but may gradually move to the forearm. More advanced stages of arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, can cause significant pain at night.
  • Swelling in and around the elbow joint
  • Limited mobility or range of motion (you may have difficulty or pain when flexing or extending the elbow)
  • Weakness and instability in the elbow
  • Stiffness
  • Feeling as if the elbow joint locks up
  • Trouble completing everyday tasks without elbow pain, stiffness or instability

Does this sound like something you’re dealing with? If so, our Taylor, MI, orthopedic surgeon can help you manage your arthritis. It is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible to prevent the issue from progressing. The good news is that arthritis can be managed through medication, physical therapy, pain medication and other treatment options designed to help alleviate pain and other symptoms and to improve your quality of life. For persistent cases, surgery may be needed.

Our goal is also to create the right treatment plan that will help to make everyday activities easier to manage. While we encourage all of our patients to engage in regular exercise and physical activity there are certain activities that those with arthritis may want to avoid. This is something that we can discuss more in-depth with you during your consultation.

Beaumont Orthopedic Associates provides comprehensive orthopedic care to those living in and around the Taylor and Canton, MI, areas. To learn more about the services and treatments we offer call us at (313) 887-6000.

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